Matthew Dale Poem, April 2018

I am the sun and the land and the sky. 

I am a soul and a water-filled body 

that rocks with the tides and erodes over time. 

I am more than a name or one limited label. 

Names are a construct and I have some free will, 

so I’ve chosen a painter drag name, he’s called Matthew Dale. 

Matthew Dale is my first and my middle name too. 

My mom gave me both on a day in October. 

An escape from the ego sounds like a blast, sidestepping society and self all in one. 

Cycle Poem, March 2018

On the ground 

He emerges

Feeling the wind

The grass is connected

It moves in the wind

The sound is the spirit

And mine in my head

The sun makes it warm

In the spot in the grass

The feelings of nature

Made sensory as mass

The rest of the woods

Is still wet 

And quite chilly

The darkness is there

But is not at all scary

God takes a place

And in church vows are made  

The theatrical place 

Makes space 

Safe and profound  

Music it vibrates 

In place of the word

He finds in chorales 

That his soul 

Does abound 

But God’s hands are empty 

He comes to embrace 

The human is mystery 

The nature is place 

The Earth’s a great miracle 

The mind is its seed

And wheat is the miracle 

The plant

And the rock 

If only we see

What’s right there 

In our spot

The plant is the life 

And offers some peace 

It is like our mother 

And wet like the brain 

A succulent spot 

The wind 

Is the spirit

That comes as

A phase 

Life is a cycle 

It’s all just a haze

Ourselves like the plant 

We grow with the phases

Alive like the spirit 

The sound

Travels through us 

We try to be separate 

The great interrupters

But one in the same

We will always remain.